Vision Sensor DataVS2

  • Flexible and intuitive setup via PC through Ethernet
  • Memorisation of 20 inspections
  • 14 different controls
  • Logical operators: AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, ecc.
  • TURBO mode to double elaboration speed
  • VSM compatibilityInspection & Identification functionalities together available on Professional models
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The DataVS2 vision sensor series presents all the characteristics to solve machine vision applications in a flexible and intuitive way. DataVS2 is a completely embedded device: the optic, the LED illuminator and the electronics are included in an extremely compact housing.The sensor is configured via PC through Ethernet communication. The configuration software is supplied with the product and it has been developed in order to lead the customer through the configuration process step by step.
DataVS2 is available in four different versions according to the installed control tools: Object Recognition (OBJ), Advanced Object Recognition (AOR), Identification (ID) and Professional (PRO).

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