Baxtran BVS with indicator BR30

  • Platform with 4 load cells, IP67 protection
  • It can be used in legal metrology
  • Diamond plate 6 mm thick in steel
  • Steel framework, U hot-rolled profile
  • Capacity 1500 kg and 3000 kg
  • Dimensions: 1200x1200 mm, 1500x1200 mm, 1500x1500 mm, 2000x1500 mm

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excl VAT 2 216,00 лв

  • Description
  • Specifications

Platform scale with 4 load cells for measuring loads up to 3000 kg. Different models available. See the table below.


  • Platform with 4 load cells
  • It can be used in legal metrology
  • It can be installed on ground or pit
  • Diamond plate 6 mm thick in steel
  • Steel framework, U hot-rolled profile
  • Black enamel
  • Load cells OIML R-60 C3, in steel, IP67 protection
  • Capacity 1500 kg 
  • Dimensions: 1200x1200 mm
  • Junction box in ABS, IP66 protection
  • Individual access to each one of the load cells with no need to raise the platform
  • Adjustable feet in height
  • 4 output metres of cable included


  • Weight-tare indicator which can be used in legal metrology
  • Stainless steel housing. IP65 protection.
  • Keyboard with waterproof membrane with 7 keys and acoustic signaling
  • Backlight LCD display
  • Stainless steel wall support
  • Blister included
  • Operating temperature range: -10ºC +40ºC
  • Power supply with adaptor AC/DC 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
  • Internal rechargeable battery, it lasts more than 90 hours
  • Optional RS232 output
  • Units: kg
  • Multi-range (1or 2 ranges)
  • Auto switch off
  • Keyboard lock
  • Approval up to 3.000 and 6.000 divisions OIML class III
  • EC approval

Gross/Net/Exit, Send to PC-printer/Configuration, Accumulation, Total, Accumulation, Tare, Zero, On/Off.


  • Accumulation
  • Gross/Net
  • Automatic tare and pre tare
  • Piece counting
  • Checkweighing function
  • Weight filter for animals