Brand: Fromm Packaging Systems

2 year warranty

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Unique plastic strapping tool on the market The strapping tool can be used in two button (manual) or in one button operation mode (semi-automatic) by turning the adjustment screw for operation mode High tension force up to 7000N Ideal for heavy duty applications with strapping dimensions of 19 to 32 mm (¾ to 1 ¼“) and a thickness up to 1.53 mm (.060“) Pneumatically powered reliable and service friendly tool The strap tension can be adjusted individually using the adjustment system – thus the package is secured with a perfectly tensioned strap The sealing time is set individually for a specific strap quality and thickness and a high seal strength is assured  

  • Strap qualities: Polyester (PET) 
  • Strap dimensions
    • Width 19.0 - 32.0 mm
    • Thickness 0.60 - 1.53 mm
  • Average seal strength approx. 75 % (dependent on strap quality)
  • Strap tension 2000 - 7000 N (adjustable)
  • Tensioning speed 60 or 120 mm/s 
  • Max. air pressure 6.0 bar
  • Weight 8.9 kg