Polypropylene /PP/ strapping

  • High breaking strength
  • Controlled elongation
  • Suitable for range of brands of machines
  • Seals with friction, heat or metal seals
  • Can print words and logos on strap
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  • Description
  • Specifications

Polypropylene (PP) strap from BETELGEUS is designed and manufactured specifically to meet the tolerances and specifications that ensure trouble free operation in all popular brands of strapping machines.

Available from the simplest 12 mm hand strap with plastic buckles to machine grade high-speed "state of the art" strapping.

Our PP strapping system offers many advantages

  • no damage or contamination of packaged goods (corrosion-resistant)
  • low dust formula for long clening intervals of the packagin machine
  • various colurs available for individualisation of your packages
  • can be printed with logo or text for extra visibilty of your brand
  • Strap width                          - 5mm to 16 mm
  • Strap thickness                    - 0.35mm to 0.80 mm
  • Core diameter                      - 62 mm, 100 mm, 150mm, 200mm, 405mm
  • Breaking strength                 - up to 380 kg
  • Colours                                 - white, blue and black as standard, other colours available on request


Contact us and our sales peeople will give you a free advise about the strapping type and size, best suitable for your application.