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We have experience in providing Machine Vision Applications to our customers in a number of industries. See some conceivable applications bellow. If you have a Machine Vision project / requirement, please contact us today to speak to our Engineers.


Bottle Filling Control

Each bottle passes through an inspection sensor, and the machine vision system illuminates the object and takes a picture of the bottle. After processing the image and storing it, the system software analyzes it and sends an acceptance / rejection signal based on the set level of the bottle. If the system detects a different level of liquid in the bottle, it signals the rejection of the bottle. The operator can see the rejected bottles and statistics of the current process.


Bottle Cap Inspection

Bottle cap inspection is done using machine vision technology by taking an image of the bottle during production with a smart camera. Those bottles with incorrect capping will be automatically rejected from the line. Watch the video.


OCR and Barcode Inspection

Performs effective OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and barcode inspection by verifying the presence of the barcode and its readability, collects the data (eg expiration date, batch, quantity) to record them in stock.


Inkjet Code Verification

It verifies that the products on the line contain the correct information (such as expiration date, batch, etc.) and if it is legible. Typical in this case is that the code is matrix.