Machine for top and bottom labelling

Brand: EME Etiketteringsmaskiner ApS
  • Compact design
  • Easy to install and use
  • Up to 150 labels per minute labeling speed
  • Up to 35 m/min dispensing speed
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  • Description
  • Specifications

Model LO-1600 is designed for labelling of tray packs and similar products on top and bottom. It is build in stainless steel and aluminium to fit into an industrial environment. The open construction gives the operator direct access to the dispensers and by the adjustable spindles, it is easy to find the correct position for both the top- and the bottom dispenser. The modern dispensers from Series 2000, with integrated microprocessors, gives accurate labelling, with an almost silent performance. All dispenser settings can be stored in the memory control. Optional, a separate operator keypad with display, can be mounted in any position within 5 meters from the dispenser. It can be equipped with other label dispensers and many options are available:

  • Hot-foil print system for print of batch number, dates, etc.
  • Computer controlled print system for print of barcodes, text, graphics, etc.
  • Counters
  • Variable speed controlled conveyor
  • Conveyor in other dimension
  • Transparent label detection

System Specifications

  • Product length 50-250 mm
  • Product Width 50-250 mm (Others on request)
  • Product Height 10-300 mm
  • Capacity / min 15-150 (depending on product/label)
  • System Length 1600 mm (Other length on request)
  • Power Connections 1 x 230Vac 800Watt. Green energy motors

Dispenser Specifications

  • Label Width 15 -120 mm
  • Label Length 10 - 250 mm (Optional: 999 mm)
  • Speed m/min 0 - 35 m/min.
  • Labels/min. Up to 500 labels/min.
  • Roll Diameter 270 mm
  • Core Diameter 40 mm or 3'/76 mm