Wrap-Around Labelling Machine JE-1600/S2

Brand: EME Etiketteringsmaskiner ApS
  • Compact design
  • Easy to install and use
  • Up to 500 labels per minute dispensing speed
  • Up to 40 m/min dispensing speed
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JE-1600/S2 is an automatic system for labelling of round containers in a rational way.
It contains a strong, height adjustable conveyor on which the dispenser, model Series 2000, is mounted on the side on a vertical adjustable spindle, applying the label.
A rotation unit rotates the container and press on the label in one operation.
The system can be expanded with print system, separator, counter, tables, larger dispenser, etc.

System Specifications

  • Product Diameter Ø10-Ø300 mm depending on configuration
  • Product Height 10-400 mm
  • Capacity / min 15-250 (depending on product/label)
  • System Length 1630/2000/2500/3000mm (Other length on request)
  • Power Connections 1 x 230Vac 500Watt. Green energi motors
  • Air Connection 40-60 Psi cleaned compressed Air * *Only when separator / printer is fitted

Dispenser Specifications

  • Label Width 15 -120 mm
  • Label Length 10 - 250 mm (Optional: 999 mm)
  • Speed m/min 0 - 40 m/min.
  • Labels/min. Up to 500 labels/min.
  • Roll Diameter 270 mm is standard. Optional 310 mm or 400 mm.
  • Core Diameter 40 mm or 3'/76mm


Product video