Laser Marking Systems


LINXSL302 Brand: Linx Printing Technologies Ltd
  • High specification 30W scribing laser coder
  • Intuitive operation with LinxVision® touch screen user interface
  • Cost effective coding for medium to high speed applications
  • Codes a wide variety of materials economically
  • Multiple lens and head (beam delivery) options provide more flexibility in coding and easy installation onto your line
  • Reduces running costs with a 45,000* hour tube life – the longest on the market
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  • Description
  • Specifications

The Linx SL302 is a mid-powered 30W CO2 scribing laser coder that delivers high speed coding with low maintenance - with no compromise on code quality.

For complex codes on fast lines, and even on hard to mark materials such as glass and rubber, the Linx SL302 produces quality coding and is versatile enough to adapt to your coding needs in the future. The Linx SL302 can meet your coding requirements as they change - such as changes in line speed, code complexity, or material types - with no additional investment needed.

More versatile

  • Produces high quality text, graphics and Data Matrix codes onto a wide range of materials
  • Choose from 3 different heads (each containing different sized mirrors for varying beam sizes) and up to 13 lens options. Your Linx laser coder can be tailored to meet your coding needs and make the most economical use of your laser
  • Choose between 10.6µm and 9.3 µm (ideal for PET) and 10.2 µm laser tubes for optimum coding on different substrates
  • Quickest digital galvo response time gives the laser more time to code
  • VisiCode® setting for producing the clearest code on cold glass whilst enhancing the laser life by making the most efficient use of the laser tube
  • Linx’s QuickSwitch® (optional) allows fast and easy code changes using a barcode scanner or other external device
  • Label Enable, used when coding on a label station, ensures the laser is triggered at just the right moment for coding the label
  • Control up to 4 lasers from one location with Linx QuadMark®

More reliable and economical

  • The longest tube life on the market (average of 45,000 hours*) reduces your total cost of ownership
  • Service intervals typically twice that of the industry standard – keeps your line running for longer without interruption
  • IP54 rating as standard with IP65 option for reliable coding in wet or dusty environments
  • No expensive factory air for cooling - unlike many alternative laser coders – even in demanding environments with high ambient temperatures
  • No costly consumables associated with other coding technologies – reduces your ongoing costs

More intuitive with LinxVision

  • Large colour touch screen user interface
  • WYSIWYG display with large icons and intuitive operation for fast and easy message creation. Selected messages are clearly shown, reducing coding errors
  • Clear message select preview makes browsing the message database easy and ensures the right message is selected
  • Easy access toolbar allows quick modification of codes – reducing your down time
  • Fully configurable user and access rights control - ensures users can only access system areas allocated to their responsibility - less room for errors
  • At a glance status reporting enables you to quickly understand the laser status
  • Unique set-up wizard speeds up installation meaning you can quickly start enjoying the benefits of your Linx laser
  • CO2 scribing laser coder
  • Line speed - over 250 m/min (code and substrate dependent)
  • Maximum laser output power at lens - 30W
  • Lens and head options (range):
    • Spot Size 0.11 mm – 1.65 mm
    • Marking Field 29 mm x 36 mm – 295 mm x 407 mm
    • Mark distance 67 mm – 385 mm
  • Number of lines of text - only limited by character size and marking field size
  • Character height - up to marking field size
  • Print rotation – 0-360°
  • Marking head rotation – 0-360°
  • Code options: date, time, static text, variable text, serial numbers, alphanumeric, shift codes, increment/decrement (batch count), ID Matrix 2D codes, barcodes, QR codes, graphics and logos,
  • Laser tube wavelengths - 10.6µm, 9.3µm (ideal for PET) or 10.2µm
  • Head options – 3 sizes available as standard
  • Versatile Beam delivery options for easy integration into your production line:
    • Down (90°) or  Straight  (0°) Shooter
    • 360° Beam Extension Unit (BEU)
    • Variable length Beam Turning Unit (BTU)
  • IP rating - IP54 as standard, IP65 optional
  • Air cooled - not factory air
  • Large volume gas tube can last in excess of 45,000* hours
  • Laser tube warranty – 2 years