Linx Printernet

Brand: Linx Printing Technologies Ltd
  • Remote access & control
  • Monitor the job
  • Maintain your printers and lasers
  • Monitor your line
  • Maintain uptime
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Linx PrinterNet allows you to remotely access your Linx printers to control them, anytime, anywhere - keeping you connected to your line.

Remote access & control

  • Connect remotely – complete control of the printer from any location

Monitor the job

  • View the printer status – Printing, Idle, Offline, Unable to print, Fault, Requires Attention
  • View the current message being printed

Maintain your printer

  • View printer warnings
  • Monitor printer health
  • Back up and restore – printer settings stored safely in a secure cloud
  • Remote software upgrades ensure your printer always has the latest printer and security features
  • Message store – store copies of production critical messages in the cloud

Monitor your line

  • View the job status of each machine – print count
  • View login history – view who has used the printer and when
  • View message history – view what was printed and when it was printed
  • Set KPIs and monitor your production progress against your targets

Maintain uptime and control

  • View printer warnings
  • Receive email notifications of alerts as they happen
  • Select who receives which alerts
  • View ink/solvent status
  • Place fluid orders
  • Receive alerts when maintenance is due

Our Technical Support network can:

  • Monitor printer performance
  • Alert to any issues
  • Advise on preventative maintenance
  • Provide assistance in message creation or line setup
  • Understand and diagnose problems
  • Remote-fix or obtain full diagnostics
  • Remotely connect to your printer – with your permission only

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