Logopak series 500

  • Fast and efficient labelling
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • High operating comfort / easy handling
  • 100% electronically controlled for excellent results
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Designed for high-speed product labelling, the 500 Series provides extremely high cycle rates and works with extra-long 800-metre label rolls for fewer material changes. The fully automated drive technology ensures optimal tension of the label web and is particularly low-maintenance in comparison to conventional mechanical couplings and belts. Easy handling of labels and ribbons make the 500 series an ideal choice whenever fast and reliable labelling results and outstanding accuracy are crucial.

The 500 Series is available with an optional enclosure to protect the print unit and the applicators and label rolls against temperature changes, dust, moisture, or unauthorised access. Using enclosures is highly advisable, in particular when your labellers work in rough, industrial environments.

Controllable heating and cooling system
Particularly low or high temperatures can have a negative effect on your consumables. Low temperatures may reduce the labels’ effectiveness while high temperatures may cause the labels to lose their stability or even lead to adhesive residues on the pulleys or the print engine. To ensure optimum temperatures during the labelling process, Logopak enclosures can be equipped with a cooling or heating system. For reliable processes down to the last label!

Outstanding process reliability plus track & trace
After a label has been applied, the scanner validates the readability of each label. However, there is much more behind “data security” than just perfect readability: it must be guaranteed that, when working with large data volumes, each label contains correct and accurately printed product information. The 500 Series is therefore equipped with an integrated local database with detailed information about shipping units and individual articles. Prepared for real-time data transfer (Ethernet), this database delivers all data back to higher-level ERP systems. Real-time labelling guarantees absolute data integrity without any data offset!



  • 800m media rolls. Label and foil are matched, therefore exhausted at the same time to prevent unnecessary line stoppages
  • Fast: high-speed print and apply of up to 140 labels per minute in real time.
  • Multi-purpose: choose from 30+ applicators to exactly fit your requirements.
  • Digi-drive electronic controls
  • Clean design
  • Label sizes from 15x15mm to 150x200mm
  • Integrated print-head and engine and Dot-shift and SFB technologies extend the life of the print plate.
  • Touchscreen operator interfaces. Stand alone operation, or networked to provide the end user with complete connectivity to a multi line control solution.
  • Innovative media cassette splitting functionality the number of threading rollers to be dramatically reduced if a foil media is not required.
  • Clearest graphic capability – 100 or 150mm wide print head for BBE / Batch coding using GS128 barcodes
  • Optional scanner for barcode validation