CAB HS Series

Brand: САВ
  • Compact design
  • Easy operation and precise label dispensing
  • Two operator panels
  • Three material widths
  • Available on stock
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  • Description
  • Specifications

Easy operation and precise label dispensing for a great price

Every label size can be dispensed easily using the HS dispensers. The labels can be stamped or cut without any space inbetween.You can use any outside shape whether cornered or round. Transparent material can also be dispensed.

Two operation panels

Basic and advanced versions of the operation panel are available. Advanced version features LSD display and label counter. It allows slow and fast label feeding, automatic or on-demand deispensing and has peripheral connection for peel-off on demand via external signal.

Three material widths

The HS dispensers are available in three working widths for label widths up to 65, 120 or 180 mm.

HS 60

  • Horisontal dispensing direction
  • Label orientation - bottom edge leading
  • Feed speed up to 200 mm/sec
  • Label roll diameter 200 mm
  • Label core diameter 40 - 76 mm
  • Label width:
    • HS60/HS60+ 8mm - 65mm
  • Label height:
    • HS60/HS60+ 5mm - 300mm
  • Basic operation panel:
    • Label feed automatically after removal of the label
      Two LED status indictaors