LogoSoft Software

  • Manage data and devices efficiently
  • Error-free marking conforming to standards
  • Seamless software integration
  • Reliable track/trace management
  • Uninterrupted production
  • Flexibly scalable and future-proof
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With LogoSoft, Logopak creates the basis for complete integration of the labelling process into an existing software system. As middleware, LogoSoft fits seamlessly between a common ERP or MES such as SAP and the Logopak labelling system. LogoSoft uses the existing interfaces for data exchange and makes optimal use of the technical possibilities of the connected systems. At the same time, LogoSoft is a stand-alone software and thus also fully functional independently of the ERP system.
LogoSoft enables central control of all labelling processes, using the feedback of applied labels as a basis for the efficient monitoring of production and logistics processes. As a database-driven software, LogoSoft prevents errors in labelling and therefore ensures optimal security and guarantees the most seamless supply chain possible.
Thanks to its modular structure, LogoSoft can be flexibly adapted to individual production requirements. The modules LogoRT, LogoBatch and LogoSync communicate with the technical components integrated in the production line. They support the various labelling processes and enable automated data connection and processing across the entire production environment.
LogoSoft centrally controls extensive serial printing tasks that are handled via separate labelling systems and monitored transparently in real time. This is possible both synchronously, with a real-time connection to the higher-level system, and asynchronously.
LogoSoft works with a variety of different interfaces (SAP Process Integration, CSV, SOAP, SQL, XML) and thus guarantees maximum compatibility across all sectors of industry.



  • Manage data and devices efficiently
    • All integrated devices - including products from other manufacturers such as barcode scanners or desktop printers - can be accessed at a moment‘s notice
    • Central management of data sets, production data and updates
  • Error-free marking conforming to standards
    • Central data management avoids manual routines or entries
    • Changes to standards and norms, e.g. legal regulations, are administered centrally and are reliably checked
  • Seamless software integration
    • Can be integrated into existing ERP/MES environments as an independent solution or middleware
    • Standard package with interfaces to Oracle, SAP, etc.
    • Variable range of functions and individual interfaces can be set up
  • Reliable track/trace management
    • Support of various serialisations; can also be used to handle SSCC numbers
    • Data is saved and transferred directly to an ERP database when requested
    • Data exchange via export/import
  • Uninterrupted production
    • Labelling operation even without connection to the ERP system
    • Secure data management through your own dedicated database
    • Quick troubleshooting for service needs thanks to log files that can be saved and exported
  • Flexibly scalable and future-proof
    • Highly scalable for expanding production capacities
    • Can be used as a cross-site server application
    • Optionally with cloud connection