Brand: Fromm Packaging Systems
  • Different of film qualities
  • Dimensions 400 / 600 / 800 mm


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  • Description
  • Specifications

FROMM’s bubble on demand materials are suitable for bottom and side wrapping of various shapes products. It ensures optimal protection and requires minimal storage space and handling.

Standard films
Made of PE material, these multilayer films are very versatile. They are 100% recyclable. To be used for all standard applications.

Barrier films
Made of BOPA-PE materials, these films exhibits excellent mechanical performances and offer a very long air retention. To be used for very demanding and long storage applications.

Airpad paper
The best of both worlds, air-cushions and paper! Made of 75% recycled paper and other controlled sources, FSC compliant, this material is recyclable with paper. To be used for a great unpacking experience with paper.