• Cash Bags
  • Courier Bags
  • Security Containers
  • Roll cage pallets
  • Bonded cage doors
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  • Description
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SentryLock is a multipurpose, pull tight tamper evident plastic security seal designed to provide security applications and reduce losses in a variety of industries. It is an upgraded version of a similar plastic security seal known as PackLock; it is designed to have higher breaking strength and at the same time more cost effective.

Key Features

  • A secure acetal locking mechanism
  • 28mm x 50mm tag size
  • With side tear off option, requires no tool for removal
  • Variable loop design, available in different plastic strap lengths



  • Enhanced security, thus reducing losses
  • Large tag surface for printing
  • Easy removal without the need for cutting tool, improving health & safety compliance
  • Suitable for sealing a range of bag and container sizes
  • SentryLock 250NTO ‐ 250mm length, 28x50mm tag size, Non Tear Off
  • SentryLock 350NTO ‐ 350mm length, 28x50mm tag size, Non Tear Off
  • SentryLock 250 STO ‐ 250mm length, 28x50mm tag size, Side Tear Off
  • SentryLock 350 STO ‐ 350mm length, 28x50mm tag size, Side Tear Off 
  • Break Strength 20kgs
  • Material Polypropylene
  • Laser print of Name/Logo and serial number
  • Colour Solid colours - White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange 
  • Pastel colours - Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange