Brand: Soco System
  • For uniform cartons with top and bottom closure
  • Capacyty up to 30 boxes per minute
  • Universal machine for various applications
  • Easy to operate, adjust and maintain
  • Low price
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The features of the T-100 series are compact construction, low price, small shipping cases, and simple handling in retail distribution.
All vital parts, such as dispensers, belt drives and top assembly, boast the well known SOCO SYSTEM top quality.

Basic Models

  • T-100 Mini and T-100. (see table)

The T-100 is available with an electro-zinc or a stainless steel finish. In the stainless steel version, all external parts, excl. gears, motors, and aluminium parts, are made of stainless steel.
The machine is easy to clean and resistant to damp and moisture.

  • Easy to adjust for different case sizes.
  • Easy tape and dispenser replacement.
  • Easy to maintain with low maintenance and spare parts costs.
  • Electro-galvanised steel or stainless steel finish.




  • Max. box size (LхWхH) mm
    • Model T-100 5-5-9            -     infinite x 520 x 505
    • Model T-100 Mini 3-5-9    -     infinite  x 350 x 505
  • Min. box size (LхWхH) mm
    • Model T-100 5-5-9            -    160 x 90 x 90
    • Model T-100 Mini 3-5-9    -    160 x 105 x 110
  • Standard tape width 38-50mm (other widhts are available)
  • Standard working height 950 - 635 mm (other working heights are available)
  • Capacity up to 30 boxes / min


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