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    Marking products is an important part of the production process, as it allows consumers to get acquainted with the composition, shelf life, instructions for use and storage of the goods they use. At the same time, the information written on the packaging must meet many requirements and standards. The marking and labelling of products is regulated by the legislation of the country where they are distributed and sold. The precise and clear marking of the packaging is of great importance for manufacturers, as this ensures that they are easily recognizable to consumers and meet all legal requirements. For this reason, choosing the right marking equipment can make an important contribution to production.
Manufacturers face a number of difficulties in choosing marking and labelling solutions due to the wide variety of shapes and types of boxes and packaging.
   Betelgeus offers a range of marking and labelling solutions suitable for the wide range of packaging used by manufacturers to pack goods across industries that will help you get the perfect marking for every product, and we're aware that design matters too. Some of the most preferred solutions in the field are:

  • The inkjet printer of LINX 8900 - print on various surfaces, including plastic bottles and containers, flexible packaging, glass bottles and jars, tubes, sachets, metal containers and cardboard packaging. They are suitable for production with high loads and continuity of production cycle. At the same time, they have a wide range of inks of different colors. The printers of this series offer excellent quality, legibility and durability of different types of packaging.
  • Linx laser printers are extremely precise and can mark on a wide range of materials, including plastic, glass, metal and cardboard, ensuring high precision and durability of codes. This type of printer is a suitable solution in continuous 24/7 production lines with heavy load. Laser marking is an environmentally friendly marking solution as it does not use consumables. This means that there is no need to purchase inks or other materials to be disposed of after use, thus optimizing part of the production costs. In addition, Linx laser printers can mark high-quality QR and Data Matrix codes, which are especially useful for large manufacturing plants where it is necessary to store a lot of data - date of manufacture, shelf life, batch number and more.
  • Linx's thermal inkjet printers are suitable for small and medium loads. They are particularly suitable for marking secondary packaging - cartons and boxes, providing high code resolution and the ability to print graphics and logos of products.
  • ALE piezo inkjet printers are the preferred choice for marking secondary packaging including cartons, boxes and packages.

The cloud-based LINX PrinterNet application provides manufacturers with the ability to remotely exercise constant control and monitoring of machine performance. Through it, they can monitor the processes of the assembly line from their phone, tablet or laptop, set different programs, receive signals for printer problems or line shutdowns, as well as the condition of consumables, and our technical team can perform remote diagnostics for accurate and quick troubleshooting.

Durring the month of May, if you buy Linx printer you will receive Linx PrinterNet free for first 3 months.

Betelgeus is the official representative and service for Bulgaria of a number of proven manufacturers offering solutions in the field of product identification and marking. We can offer complete solutions for complete process automation in all manufacturing industries.

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