The company Betelgеus donates the label printer CAB series EOS to Faculty of Automation of Technical University in Sofia

The company Betelgеus donates the label printer CAB series EOS to Faculty of Automation of Technical University in Sofia

We are the official representative and service center of Cab Germany- Europe’s largest manufacturer of barcode label printers and printer-applicators. Product range is impressive: from low-budget label printers with basic product information for manual application to complex integrated systems for industrial applications. 

"As a company that has worked in the industry for years, we notice that the problem of shortage of qualified technology and engineering specialists is constantly deepening." said Stanimir Staykov-manager of the company. Developing and maintaining technical education in step with modern trends will attract more young people and create more valuable engineers and technical specialists.". Therefore, Betelgeus decided to donate a label printer CAB series EOS to the Faculty Automation for the implementation of practical exercises in the learning process."

Here's the interview with Prof. Dr. Vladimir Hristov, head of Department of Electrical Drives of Automation, Faculty of Automation, Technical University-Sofia:

Please tell in which discipline do you plan to implement the printer?

The printer is intended to be implemented in laboratory exercises in several disciplines, namely Automation of production mechanisms, Automation of production processes, Programming of robots and robotechnical means and other appropriate. The specific laboratory exercises will be further specified after detailed testing of its functional capabilities and the ability to integrate into larger production processes.

How will this printer be useful for students?

Students will be able to program the printer as well as integrate it into a fully automated production process. This will give them better preparation for working in a real-world environment. There is no production that does not apply a label or barcode to its products. Therefore, a label printer is an essential part of an automated production line, so students will actually see how things happen in production with the labeling operation.

How will practical exercises with the new label printer be integrated into the learning process?

The integration of the label printer into the laboratory exercises will become possible from the next year, because technological time for the development of laboratory exercises is needed. The printer itself offers a lot of functionality, the biggest advantage being open source, which will allow it to integrate with other production devices.

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