Betelgeus Ltd. is an official representative of Soco System - a leading global provider and manufacturer with more than 47 years of experience in developing, and implementing automated, intelligent automation solutions for packaging processes at the end of the line.

The company focuses on providing consumers with the most innovative and advances solutions for all your packaging needs.  The SOCO SYSTEM product range is designed to increase efficiency and eliminate physically strenuous work functions. Investment in fully automatic palletising solutions increases productivity, improves competitiveness, and enhances the working environment.


The products and solutions offered cover the following processes: 

Case erecting

Case erectors are placed at the beginning of the packaging line. They automatically unfold and form the empty boxes, which then are moved to the filling station



Soco System offers flexible, efficient, and ergonomic conveyor systems for internal transport and goods handling. The system is available in a variety of lengths, widths and heights for horizontal and vertical conveying - roller conveyors, wheel conveyors, flexi conveyors, driven conveyors, flexi curves, fixed curves, belt conveyors, controllers, vertical lifts, rotary tables, packing tables, weights, side pushers etc.


Case Sealing 

Case sealers can streamline the packaging process in your production, making them highly efficient. These carton sealers are available for almost any task. For example, sealing of identical or varying box sizes, for wide or narrow tape, for top and bottom sealing, side sealing, automatic flap closure to name a few.

Pallet Handling 

Pallet handling, pallet conveying, quick exchange of pallets and pallet stacking are only some of the processes that SOCO Systems pallet modules make very efficient.



Fully automatic palletising robot and pallet loaders. The use of this equipment increases efficiency, the possibility of increasing height of pallet load, precision in palletising and elimination of physically demanding working functions.


Pallet securing

Several models for semi-automatic and automatic pallet stretch wrappers are available.


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