Label print and apply systems

Third generation of proven label print and apply systems

About 20 years after the initial product launch and nine years after a redesign, our partner Cab introduces the new HERMES Q that will replace the Hermes+ series at the end of 2019.These systems are very successful in automated manufacturing. They are highly capable to integrate in production lines and take the operator do a minimum of maintenance. They are based on the main board of the latest cab label printing systems, offering a powerful CPU. Process and print data might happen three times faster with the current processors because of higher print speeds.

HERMES Q processes all standard label materials made of paper or plastics, wound on rolls (as is the case with all the models) or reels (only the 2" device). Label unwinding has been optimized to minimize the influence of the label roll inertia throughout the entire processing. Ribbon guiding can be set both on the unwinder and the rewinder units. In case labels are only partially printed, the ribbon can be stopped during label feed. With the help of this automatic saver mechanism, material consumption is reduced significantly. All device types are offered in designs that allow label peel-off in left or right orientation. To apply the labels on products or packaging, the print units can be expanded with the applicator portfolio of the previous Hermes+ series. HERMES Q is operated intuitively on a coloured touch display. If the device is difficult to access on-site, an external operation panel can be attached to provide the same functionality. The devices can be also controlled remote via smartphone, tablet or PC.

Do you have devices from a previous series already integrated in your production? Or are you currently planning new conveyor lines?

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Hermes Q2, Hermes Q4, Hermes Q6.3