marking solutions for EU plant passports with Linx 8900

As of 14th December, 2019 new EU legislation concerning the Plant Passport obligation will come into force.

If companies are moving plants or plants products to other businesses in the EU (including within the UK) that can host quarantine pests and diseases, they may be required to have a plant passport. The European Commission has revised the Plant Health Law, which has been in place since 1977 in order to prevent the introduction and spread of pests more intensively. The new Regulation (EU) 2016/2031 includes a better harmonized plant passport system for movements of plants and plant products between companies within the Union territory. From 14 December 2019, all plants for planting will have to be accompanied by an official label, containing the required information and ensuring traceability.The new plant passport has a fixed layout and must be arranged per smallest trading unit, such as: pot, tray or box. 

  1. In the top left corner: the EU flag (in colour or black and white)
  2. In the top right corner: the word "Plant Passport.

       A - Botanical name

       B - Registration number

       C - Traceability code

       D - Country code of origin

Other requirements for the EU plant passport:

  • must be attached directly to the commercial unit (e.g. pot container, bundle, package)
  • must be clearly visible and legible
  • must be unchangeable and durable
  • must be separate from other information on the same medium
  • must contain the information in a rectangular or square text area

We from Betelgeus offer suitable marking solutions for EU plant passports as well as many other industrial applications:

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