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    Technological development in the marking industry is constantly reaching new advances and offering new opportunities. One of the biggest challenges faced by manufacturers is marking and coding on foils and flexible packaging. Mechanical methods, such as engraving or stencils, have been commonly used to print on flexible packaging. Although they may be effective in some cases, they are expensive to maintain and need manual adjustment for each new print. In addition, they do not enable manufacturers to generate clear, correct and legible codes, such as production dates, expiry dates, batches and other product information, directly during the packaging and labelling process, which can be crucial for compliance with regulations and standards.

    One of the innovations in this area that deserves special attention is the TT series of Linx. As an official representative and service of Linx for Bulgaria, the portfolio of Betelgeus includes three models of thermal transfer (TT) printers LinxTT500, TT750 and TT1000.

What exactly is thermal transfer printing?

    Thermal transfer printing is a method in which the image is transferred from the printer strip to the material by heating. This process provides clear and long-lasting printing, making it ideal for applications in various industries such as food, pharmacy, packaging and more.

Features, purpose, and advantages of LInx thermal transfer printers

    Designed to achieve lower overall costs and higher production line efficiency, Linx TT Series printers are particularly suitable for error-free printing of shelf life, batches, barcode, composition, logos, and other product information. These devices are designed to provide high-quality printing on a variety of materials including foils and flexible packaging. Linx`s TT Series features an advanced motor drive that ensures continuous printer operation without the use of compressed air. This significantly reduces the installation and operating costs associated with the maintenance of compressors and compressed air facilities. In addition, the compressed air work ensures the stability of the print head and ensures consistently high print quality. 

    TT series printers are designed to be extremely convenient to operate. The thermal tape cartridge is lightweight and easy to use, with one release button. This allows quick and hassle-free change of the thermal tape without the operator having to devote significant time to maintenance. This simple process of changing the thermal tape contributes to increased efficiency and productivity of the production line and minimizes production line stoppages. At the same time, the Linx series of TT printers print at speeds of up to 1000 mm/s. with a width of up to 107 mm and a thermal tape with a length of up to 1200 m, which ensures increased efficiency and productivity of the production line. In addition, TT series printers allow:

  • Easy setup and ensure print quality with electronic pressure control
  • Easy operation of the printer via the customizable, intuitive interface

    In conclusion, we can say that in the field of primary product coding, one of the best and preferred printing technologies is thermal transfer. The Linx Series TT printers are characterized by exceptional reliability, efficiency and environmental friendliness in combination with low operating costs.


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