Plastic printing technologies

Do you know coding technologies so well?

Marking products is a sign of guaranteed traceability throughout the production cycle, essential to comply with legislation, information to the end consumer. When it refers to marking on plastic, in most cases it takes place in aggressive environment. This requires reliable and efficient equipment to withstand the conditions in the production premises, to ensure continuous production and to meet high requirements. In addition to being able to mark on substrates such as PVC, Nylon, OPP, PP, PE, PET. The printing of QR Codes, barcode, product description, Datamatrix, logos, contact information, date of manufacture, batch, company name, etc., ensures effective quality control and quick response to problems.
We provide flexible, cost-effective solutions that deliver quality code and full traceability on plastic. Here are some of the latest technologies you can use to mark on plastic substrates:

CIJ coding

Continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers are used in industry to provide a cost-effective way of printing accurate and consistent variable data including expiry dates, barcodes and batch codes on production lines and for complying with increasingly strict industry legislation or providing traceability. CIJ printers can code onto most materials, regardless of porosity, size, shape and texture. They are mainly used to print variable information on individual products – such as dates, times, specific text, batch codes, product names and logos.

Linx 7900 and 8900 series continuous inkjet printers

• Printing of text, symbols, numbers, barcodes, Data Matrix and QR codes
• Self-maintenance in around 30 minutes,
• Long intervals between maintenance
• Seasonal shutdown mode – printer is ready to print first time, even after extended shutdown, with no need for expensive printer flushing
• The proven autoflush system thoroughly cleans the printhead every time the printer is shut down, and this ensures a fast and clean startup when required.
• Simple user interface allowing quick message setup and intuitive daily operation
• Remote control and monitoring of printed message, productivity and alarms via smartphone or laptop
• From IP55 to IP65-rated stainless steel enclosure

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TIJ coding

Thermal Ink-Jet printers utilizes the HP Thermal Inkjet Technology. Working with single use ink cartridges, these printers are maintenance free and provide a perfect coding solution for primary and secondary package coding in various industries. They are extremely suitable for applications where high-quality printouts are required, together with clean and continuous printing processes.

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Thermal transfer overprinting

For printing on flexible packaging, the perfect technology is TTO. The economic advantage is clear: shorter times, less consumables, more versatility, less production costs. Let's see how TTO printing on flexible packaging works and which markers to choose. Markers of this type are the Linx TTO , thermal transfer coders created specifically as an alternative to the label printer. Linx TTOs allow you to print alphanumeric messages, graphics and barcodes on flexible packaging
Thermal transfer printers Linx ТТ3, ТТ5, ТТ10
• High resolution 300 dpi printing
• Ribbon changeover is easy using the ribbon cassette system
• Minimum maintenance and easy to use
• Print intermittently or continuously

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Laser marking systems

• Digital contactless marking of primary and secondary packages and products
• Code logos, barcodes, data matrix & more
• Zero routine servicing, consumables or fluids required, meaning no variable costs
• Any-orientation 3-axis coding
• Protection IP54 to IP65
• Easily integrated in production lines

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