Technologies for wood printing
Wood printing technologies

Do you know coding technologies so well?

The woodworking and furniture industry is among the sectors that have been developing steadily in recent years in Bulgaria. The industry has been experiencing annual growth in production. In terms of furniture exports, Bulgaria is among the 40 largest exporters of furniture in the world and ranks 38th. Therefore, wood printing is becoming more and more important and with the industrial printers offered by our company, the traceability service has never been more viable for the wood segment.
When processing natural raw materials such as wood, processing companies have to face various challenges. In the area of coding and marking, the optimization of manufacturing processes in terms of efficiency and quality are important in addition to compliance with legal requirements. Wood marking offers numerous possibilities for controlling the production as well as internal and external logistics. Parts can be identified and assigned easier. Thus, they can be processed more quickly. The application of machine-readable codes in turn improves the automation of fabrication and makes all processes transparent. In addition, the marking of logos can boost brandings.
When it comes to industrial coding, our company can offer customized projects according to the characteristics of each industry line. Linx printers delivers more cost effective, accurate and quality coding for your products. Most types of wood tend to have very absorbent qualities. It must be considered for wood marking and coding. Linx printers allow you to print letters, numbers, logos (FSC for example), as well as bar codes in different formats and symbols. With Linx technologies for wood printing, you can also encode your logo in high resolution, in the size you want.

Our inkjet printers Linx allow:
• High speed marking
• Degree of protection up to IP65
• Low operating cost and high input yield
• Head can be up to 5 cm away from the wood
• Allows connectivity to other systems

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Laser coding features:
• Indelible printing, high sharpness and contrast
• Easy installation on production lines with restricted space
• Coding of small components or large amounts of information
• Robust, with degree of protection up to IP65
• Agile coding for fast lines
• No daily or monthly consumables

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