Betelgeusq marking, coding, labelling, packaging

Special offer on August 20, 2020

20th August is a special day for us. It is no secret that we grow up. On this day we celebrate our birthday, we turn 27.
We started in the distant 1993. A small team of passionate people with open and alternative thinking. Knowing the principles of progress becomes a must when you are integrated with the fast-growing and dynamic market of products and services. Over the years we have taken our responsibility and fine values. We have constantly striving to bring real innovation to the market. In 1998, for example, we became the first company to implement innovative technologies for industrial printing of self-adhesive labels. We were listening and understanding the needs of our customers and what they would expect from us. Each "you are great" from a client reminds us that you are actually great and motivates us to keep giving our best! Our customers come first. It has always been like that. It is so now and will be preserved in the future.Thus, we were growing and succeeding together. It is also an incentive to move forward because it is easier when you have a partner to rely on. The word "Partner" represents the attitude of cooperation our company builds relationships with its customers, suppliers and employees, based on proximity and mutual development. For 27 years we have implemented 1000+ projects and satisfied 4500+ clients. Now we are one of the leaders in the field of primary and secondary coding, marking, labeling, packaging and product tracing. Today, the company draws on the vast experience and gives us the confidence to continue keeping pace with modern industrial trends and technologies.
Celebrate with us! Only on August 20, 2020 on the occasion of our 27th birthday we offer a special 20% discount for 27 cab MACH1 label printers, resolution 200 dpi. See more about this label printer model.