How to optimize packaging processes efficiently and securely while reducing costs?

We, at Betelgeus, are aware that packing the pallets at the end of the production process is a difficult and time-consuming task that takes a lot of resources of any organization. At the same time, in modern business, it is of utmost importance for the efficient storage and transportation of goods. Knowing extremely well the specifics of packaging processes, Betelgeus offers many solutions that can meet the individual of all industries. Our portfolio includes a wide range of packaging machines of the Swiss brand FROMM, which has established itself as a leader in the development of high-quality and balanced logistics packaging solutions at the end of the production line.
The spotlight is focused on the latest 2000 series, with which FROMM ushers in a new era in the range of packaging solutions in a wide range of industries. These machines are among the most advanced packaging machines on the market and offer a wide range of packaging options for different types of products.
What's new?
The most notable new option is the innovative patented Æolusᵀᴹ  technology, which automatically attaches the stretch film via air at the beginning of each packing cycle. After the automatic cutting of the film at the end of the cycle, its end is adhered to the pallets by means of the same air jet. This unique way of fastening and cutting the film, without moving parts and the need for protective equipment, opens new possibilities in the packaging of pallets. Æolusᵀᴹ allows the operator, after placing the pallets, to start and execute a fully automatic loop. Thus, FS2000 can even compete with a fully automatic packing line. And all this without expensive and complex roller conveyors, safety fences and light barriers. With two FS2000 machines deployed, the pallets can be packed one after the other. Æolusᵀᴹ technology optimizes workflows and reduces labor costs, ensuring precision and consistency in the packaging process. The 2000 Series machines are equipped with the latest technology and features that allow the user to carry out packaging from start to finish the process, automatically and remotely.
Our product catalogue includes 2 models from the 2000 series - FS2000 and FR2000.
FROMM FS2000 are machines designed for automated and efficient packing of pallets. They have a rotating platform and can effectively pack a medium to large volume of products weighing up to 3000 kg. and a height of up to 3.90 m.
FROMM FR2000 is a new generation of autonomous robots. These machines are distinguished by high productivity and flexibility. Their packaging capacity is up to 300 pallets on a single charge of the batteries (lithium batteries). The machines are designed to pack a medium to large volume of products with a maximum height of 3.50 m. The FR2000 series machines are equipped with high-tech functionalities that make it easy to use and set up.
The 2000 series machines are equipped with functionalities that ensure optimal product protection during transport and storage. Operators can choose from a variety of programmable settings, allowing the machine to answer each individual packing task. This ensures an optimal level of stability and protection of the load. They also offer a choice of different packaging modes, including film pre-stretch.

What makes FROMM's 2000 series extremely useful for business is the easy-to-operate and intuitive operating system. Operators can quickly and easily set up the packaging machine for various types of products and adjust parameters, including the speed of winding the film and its tension. This allows for optimal packaging of products, regardless of their shape and size.

FROMM Series 2000 represents reliable, innovative and high-performance packaging machines that meet the requirements of modern business. They guarantee efficiency, quality and protection of products, while saving time and resources. Whether you are a large industrial factory or a small enterprise, FROMM's 2000 series offers solutions that will help you package your business with certainty and success.

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