Now we offer pallet loaders at special prices and conditions

Betelgeus focuses on delivering to its customers the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions to meet all packing needs. Betelgeus is an official representative of Soco System Denmark - a leading global provider and manufacturer of intelligent automation solutions for packaging processes at the end of the line including case erecting, conveying, case sealing, pallet handling, palletising, pallet securing. The product range offered by the company is designed to increase efficiency and physically eliminate strenuous activities. Now we offer selected palletising systems at special prices.

Palletising is a time-consuming and repetitive process involving hard and physically demanding working functions for your employees. For palletising process, Betelgeus offers fully automated pallet loaders and and palletising robots.

Investment in fully automated palletising solutions is fully justified and even mandatory because this equipment saves time, improves the precision of palletising, creates the possibility of increasing the height of the pallet load and increases productivity. Other advantages of automation are that it improves competitiveness and releases manual labour, making it possible for your employees to focus on real development initiatives creating growth and new workplaces in the company

Pallet loaders offered by Betelgeus can be used as an efficient semi-automatic aid for the operator, or integrated into a fully automated palletising system. ROI is approximately 18 months at two shift operation. This is an efficient and affordable solution that does not require modification of the existing conveyors at the factory. These machines can be configured individually for each customer needs. All cases, including heavy and bulky ones, can easily be stacked to heights of 2500 mm in order to fully utilise the capacity of lorries and containers. The machine requires minimal maintenance and is easy to service. The pallet loaders are available in galvanised or stainless steel for industries that operate in a wet environments.