Through the eyes of the company

2020 is a special year for us. Like any previous year. Despite the difficulties, there were many great moments. We faced a number of challenges that united us and made us even stronger. At the end of 2020, we decided to take a look at our secret box and share it with you.

  1. We value the people who work in the company. Everyone is different, interesting, persistent and ambitious. Everyone has their dreams, hopes and history. We are friends, not just colleagues or employees. And this is the most valuable thing for us. We are glad that we managed to save the job of everyone during this difficult and challenging year. We did not lay off employees, on the contrary.
  2. On August 20, we turned 27. Over the years we have taken our responsibility and fine values. We listened and understood the needs of our clients. What matters to us now and then is that trust comes before business. Trust is at the heart of a partnership. And a good partnership always leads to mutual success. That is why we have been partnering with the business for 27 years to achieve more together. Any "Thank you, you're great" from a client reminds us that you, our clients, are actually great and motivate us to keep giving our best!
  3. We have always actively supported Bulgarian education because we believe that developing and maintaining technical education in step with modern trends will attract more young people and create more valuable engineers and technical specialists. Therefore, we decided to donate a label equipment to the Automation Faculty for the implementation of practical exercises in the learning process.
  4. Our new catalogues are already a fact. To keep up with new trends and technologies, we are constantly enriching our product range. We strive to offer the industry the most appropriate and innovative solutions. Every month our clients receive our newsletter with the latest news, trends and current offers.
  5. Our new initiative is the tutorial section in our youtube channel , designed to facilitate customers operating with our machines and equipment.
  6. We are great, but we are not perfect. That is why we rely on you - our customers and partners. And to assist you in these hard times of physical distance and isolation we have created the opportunity to purchase online directly from our website.
  7. Did you really think that was all? The Christmas and New Year holidays are only a few days away. Of course, we have great offers for you! You can find them on our website!

This year was so dynamic and challenging that we look forward to the next one :-) Thank you to everyone who supported us and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021! Let it start favorable changes and successful business ventures.