Industrial printers for marking onto products and packaging.
Industrial marking

How to gain the trust of consumers and partners throughout the whole chain?

With increasing demands, the food and beverage industry needs to keep up with the pace of consumption and also be more and more up to date with the quality requirements. The act of marking and labelling food products (having information such as expiration date, batch, manufacture, barcode, supplier's name and other codes printed on the food or on its packaging) is a sign of guaranteed traceability throughout the production cycle and entire supply chain - from the producer, via distributor, retailer to the end consumer. As well as meeting food safety and quality requirements, traceability is becoming essential in the segment. In order to address the transparency issues within the industry, manufacturers must be prepared to consider new technologies and techniques. Embracing traceability as an integral part of business process will remove significant risk and support the running of a profitable business.
With our solutions you will be able to meet your needs, whether marking information directly on the product or even on their packaging. Our industrial printers are suitable for coding on a full range of packaging materials used by food manufacturers, including paper, cardboard and plastic packaging, plastic, flass bottles, and even directly onto food products themselves – such as eggs or cheese. In addition to ensuring proper reading we offer barcode and machine vision systems. Get acquainted with the betefits of different technologies:

Continuous Ink Jet printers (CIJ) - non-contact, high speed coding with clean, reliable operation in challenging environments. Find out more about Linx 7900 and Linx 8900 Series.
Large Character printers – for high resolution, large character coding onto secondary packaging. See our printers from ALE.
Thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) Get acquainted with our TTO.
Laser Coders – fast, non-contact solution for permanent food packaging applications. See our laser marking systems
Labelling solutions - label printers, print and apply systems, label dispensers.