Traceability in the food industry

    In recent years, in contemporary world of globalization, the consequences of the pandemic, the rapidly changing culture, as well as the growing expectations of customers regarding food safety, have led to serious changes and modify in regulations and traceability requirements for food industry products. Accordingly, this posed major challenges for producers in the food sector in terms of proving safety and quality in marking and labelling products.
    One of the main requirements for a product to reach the market is the availability of information such as shelf life, lot number, date of manufacture, barcode, composition of products, supplier's name and other codes printed on the food or on its packaging, which ensure seamless traceability of the product from the manufacturer to the final consumer. Providing correct and complete information about products is essential to ensure that they are safe to consume and comply with all regulatory requirements. This also helps producers to carry out effective control over the quality of production and to comply with the standards and regulations that are imposed in the food sector. It is also very important to note that compliance with all legal requirements is extremely important to maintain consumer confidence in the brand / brand. Accurately and correctly written information positively affects the customer experience.
    That is why the technologies related to traceability are developing at a rapid pace. QR codes, RFID technologies and other identification systems are used. These innovative methods are an excellent way to automate and optimize product tracking and control processes throughout the value chain – from raw material, through production to delivery. Betelgeus Ltd. offers many quality solutions to optimize and automate the processes related to marking and labelling.

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- Linx laser printers – suitable for digital, contactless coding of primary and secondary packaging and products of foil, glass, plastic, paper, etc. Laser marking is a non-contact printing method superior to other technologies in its quality and performance. The laser beam can be easily directed over hard-to-reach places, and the inscription remains constant. What's more, there are no nozzles that can be clogged and there is no need for consumables such as self-adhesive labels or ink cartridges, which reduces costs.
- Linx thermal transfer printers for foil printing and flexible packaging – these printers are designed to achieve lower overall costs and higher efficiency of the production line. The technology has proven its reliability, efficiency, environmental friendliness and economy in the field of primary product coding. One of the main advantages of thermal transfer printing is the extremely low cost of the footprint, as well as the minimal maintenance costs. The TT series is designed to provide high-quality printing on a variety of materials including foils and flexible packaging.
- SQUIX series label printers – are industrial label printers suitable for heavy loads, distinguished by the ability to work with many different materials and formats. They offer high print speed, accuracy and flexibility. These printers are particularly suitable for specific applications that require contactless identification and product tracking, and also offer RFID tag printing.
- Label printers CAB series MACH 4S - are high quality label printers suitable for medium loads. The printing mechanism and the body of the printers are made of materials of the highest quality with perfectly combined shape and function. MACH 4S printers come standard with very powerful software tools for easy and fast integration into any environment, without additional expensive devices and software. This series of printers offers high print quality, flexibility and reliability, making them the preferred choice for multiple businesses.
- Stretch machines FROMM – our product catalog includes a wide range of stretch machines of the Swiss manufacturer FROMM – a leader in the production of packaging solutions. The machines of the brand are distinguished by high performance and intuitive design. They are suitable for packing pallets and large loads. Offering numerous functions such as pre-shooting, roping, etc., these machines are characterized by exceptional quality of work. Our portfolio includes products from semi-automatic to fully automatic packaging stations and autonomous robots.

    Do not miss the opportunity to discuss the right solutions for you and your business with our specialists, who will advise you on how to improve the processes of marking, labelling and packaging, while introducing you to the new technologies through which you can optimize your production costs. You can also get an expert recommendation on the different types of consumables at competitive prices.

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