Marking, labeling and packaging solutions for construction materials

Marking, labeling and packaging solutions

The production of construction materials in Bulgaria has grown steadily in recent years due to large-scale construction in the country. From the smallest to the largest projects, with the variety of raw materials and high demand, construction requires high quality supplies of purchased materials. Whether it is ceramic tiles, PVC pipes, thermal insulation, wood or structural steel elements, there is a growing need for traceability of batches and raw materials. From the receipt of the raw material to its transformation into a finished product and its distribution on the market, it is a a multi-stage process, which is controlled to ensure the desired quality. The majority of building materials are marked with important information such as product data, manufacture dates, lot codes, bar codes. In today's globalized world, where products of various origins and qualities can be found, the construction industry frequently employs branding as a marketing tool - to emphasize the brand and provide a guarantee to the consumer about the product's origin. Manufacturers of building materials face a number of challenges in terms of product identification and traceability:

  • Environments are usually harsh- extreme temperatures, high pollution and dust. Run times are constant. In order to work efficiently in such a construction environment, the equipment must be durable, too.
  • Manufacturers of building materials are confronted to a wide variety of specific substrates to mark on. The surfaces to mark are often harder to print on, given their size (height or width) or the fact that they are uneven.
  • Most of materials used in the construction industry are made for outdoor use or will be used in extreme conditions. It implies that codes marked on the products have to be resistant enough to last in time regardless of their surroundings.

We at Betelgeus, well acquainted with this sector, can provide a full range of industrial marking and labeling systems from leading European manufacturers: reliable, easy to operate and designed for 24/7 production in harsh environments. We are an official representative and service center of LINX, which offers high quality continuous inkjet printers, thermal transfer overprinters for flexible packaging, thermal inkjet printers and laser coders. To mark larger characters on products and packaging, we recommend piezo inkjet printers ALE. They are versatile and reliable and can achieve a print height of up to 576 mm.
Furthermore, our partners from CAB, EME, and LOGOPAK provide complete labeling solutions, including label printers, dispensers, print and apply systems, as well as industrial labeling machines.
And last but not least, heavy, sharp, and breakable building products such as masonry, bricks, roof tiles, and besser blocks require heavy-duty strapping and wrapping to remain secure during transport. Our range of strapping tools and stretch machines FROMM are manufactured to withstand even the harshest conditions. To keep you safe with your packaging equipment, each FROMM machine includes a free two-year warranty.
Our experts will gladly advise you in order to find the best solution for your specific needs.