FROMM Airpad, Protective solutions

The right film and the right air cushion are the key to efficient, cost-effective and sustainable product protection

In today's business environment, characterized by increased production, constant struggle for competitive advantage and market demands, the packaging of goods becomes a key element for the successful operation of many businesses.
With responsibility for the specific needs of different businesses and relying on its many years of experience, Betelgeus offers a wide range of innovative, environmentally friendly and economical solutions to protect goods from damage and pollution in transport and storage. As an official representative and authorized service of FROMM, our product catalog includes a wide range of Airpad packaging machines. These machines produce airbags made of special foil of various shapes and sizes, which are filled with air and sealed to preserve their shape and assist in packaging and protecting the goods. The finished Airpad material is placed in cartons and boxes to fill the empty spaces, restricting the movement of goods inside thus preventing the possibility of damage during transport or removal. Quality packaging provides protection from external influences, such as shocks, vibrations, moisture and other factors that could damage or deform the goods.
Airpad machines provide numerous advantages over traditional packaging methods that contribute to the more efficient operation of the business and also to optimize costs by reducing scrapped goods.
FROMM's Airpad machines are automatic and do not require operator intervention, which makes working with them extremely easy while preventing the risk of human error. They are designed and created from high quality materials, which guarantees long life and reliable operation of the machines. They are characterized by:

  • Speed and flexibility – offer production of protective film with different sizes and shapes of air cushions, which allows flexibility in the packaging of various types of goods.
  • Product protection - provide excellent protection during transport and storage.
  • Environmental friendliness – Airpad machines work with different types of ecological and recyclable packaging.
  • Economy - helps to reduce packaging, delivery and storage costs, while bubble films can be used more than once. Compared to traditional filling materials such as paper, cardboard, polyurethane and polystyrene, Airpad packaging saves between 30% to 50% on costs.

The product range of Airpad machines offered by Betelgeus includes:
• FROMM AIRPAD AP150 – compact and easy machine designed for production with small and medium volumes of operation, ergonomic with a high degree of reliability. It is ideal for decentralized packing stations. These machines work with 2 types of protective materials:
- Airpad paper is an innovative line of airbags consisting of 75% recycled FSC-certified paper. Air paper cushions contain over 99% air and are 100% recyclable.
- Flexible foil packaging - made of 100% PE, contains more than 30% recycled resin and is 100% recyclable
• FROMM AIRPAD AP100 and AP250 - desktop machines suitable for medium and large enterprises that have higher packaging needs.
• FROMM Airpad AP502 - a high-performance machine designed for intensive production of protective film. It is suitable for large industrial enterprises with high packaging volumes.
• FROMM Airpad SmartFill - a high-performance machine with intelligent design, combining the functions: scanner - measures the remaining empty space in the box to be filled and shooter - separates the exact number of pillows to precisely fill the empty space in the box.

FROMM's Airpad machines offer fast and efficient production of protective packaging, helping businesses achieve greater efficiency, savings and optimize packaging costs.

By the end of August when buying an Airpad machine you receive a bonus roll of protective bubble foil

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