Принтер за текстилни етикети
textile label printers

With cab label printers XD4T and SQUIX MT

In textile industries, various regulations ask for identification free of errors. Think of indicators of fiber composition, resiliencies, care, and more. Textile labels are subjected to very high levels of duress throughout the life cycle of the products to which they are attached. Labels made of textile materials contain important information for the care of the products to which they are sewn or adhered and sometimes also for the purposes of identification and traceability. Whether for manufacture, marketing, or the end-user, such data must remain perfectly legible. Manufacturers and retailers must ensure that products in circulation have been labeled correctly. When cleaned or otherwise cared for textiles are picked, misreading or mixing up must be avoided. As a result, labeling textiles or their packaging requires optimized printing systems.
The cab XD4T printer is capable of printing labels for sewing on clothing. The label material is printed on its front and back sides, then cut using accessories attached, and, if required, stacked. If printing is required only on one side of a textile material, the MT model of the SQUIX printer series is the chosen one. When printing large quantities at high heating energy, a separator enables reliable processes also with this printer.

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