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Who doesn't like the idea of doing more work in less time? Manual packaging of pallets and large loads is less effective and time-consuming. Work optimization is possible thanks to the automated wrapping by means of the stretch machines that reduce your labor cost and provide an immediate return on your investment. Our stretch machines are used in a variety of industries and can wrap pallets of various shapes and sizes.
Our company is official representative of FROMM Switzerland. FROMM stretch wrappers are extremely user-friendly and can be used in every situation. The programs are very easy to operate and extremely flexible. The use of carefully selected components keeps maintenance to a minimum.Getting the right stretch wrap machine for your operation is critical to guarantee proper load control, packaging throughput and stretch film consumption rates. We find the right stretch wrap machines tailored to your operation’s needs to ensure your packaging solutions run quickly and efficiently.

FROMM FS 380 series are very user-friendly semi-automatic machines and are suitable for wrapping almost all products.
FROMM FS 380А series are cost effective automatic version of FS380 machines. Based on the basic model, a few smart solutions have been added. They are equipped with automatic film installation and cutting unit as standard and can be operated remotely.
FROMM FS390 series are the most advanced machine on the market with rotating arm. They are ideal for high volumes and heavy workload. Pre-stretch option up to 400% significantly reduces the overall film costs.
FROMM FS500 series are semi-automatic arm wrapping machines made up of modules, which can be built in accordance with the customer's requirements. Can be used as wall mounting, floor mounting, with or without conveyor tracks and an automatic working version.
FROMM FS500А series are fully automatic version of FS500 machines for line integration. They are equipped with automatic film installation and cutting unit as standard and can be operated remotely.
FROMM FS500 Light series are are semi-automatic arm wrapping machines for use when dealing with light pallets, a small number of pallets per day and / or loads with different dimensions.
FROMM FR3xx robot is a mobile, semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine. It is particularly suitable for customers who need to wrap a wide range of large pallets or for situations where stretch wrapping takes place in various locations.

We provide 2-year warranty for each machine in accordance with the standard terms of FROMM. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the most suitable model for your needs.