pneumatic, electric and manual strapping tools, semi- or fully automatic strapping systems

More than 40 basic models of strapping tools (pneumatic, electric and manual) and semi- or fully automatic strapping systems at competitive price

Strapping is one of the most popular methods of packaging production and transportation of products. Strapping machines are used both for packing of individual products (boxes, cartons, pallets, plates, bales, pipes, timber, etc.) and for palletizing of loads. The packaging can be vertical and horizontal.

BETELGEUS offers high quality solutions for optimization of the packaging process. The company product list includes more than 40 basic models of strapping tools (pneumatic, electric and manual) and semi- or fully automatic strapping systems. We are official representative of the Swiss company FROMM. Each FROMM machine has Swiss quality at affordable price.

Manual, electrical and pneumatic, semi-automatic and automatic machines may be used for individual packaging. For load palletizing, the strapping machines are fully automatic without operator intervention. They can work independently or can be integrated into new or existing production lines to maximize productivity for a variety of applications.

Why we use a strapping tape?

  • For greater packaging security, carton closure and unitizing
  • For bundling and load integrity
  • For greater product stability

What kind of strapping tape to use?

Depending on the strapping tape, the machines are divided into strapping machines for plastic tape (polyester and polypropylene) and steel strapping machines. Plastic strapping machines are suitable for all industries, for extreme loads, for transportation, loading and unloading. The steel strapping machines are specially designed for non-standard loads - for packing round or irregularly shaped packages. They are suitable also for packing flat surface packages such as pallets, bales etc. For some machine models the fixing is done with metal seals, while others also have a double cut of the seal for added stability of the packaging.

 You can get more information about the types of strapping machines from our consultants or on the website.