A S3200 assembled to a SQUIX peel-off printer provides a cost-effective solution if operated semi-automatically or integrated in production lines.

By assigning COVID-19 samples uniquely

The COVID-19 virus presents new challenges to the country, its economy and people. Hospitals are in urgent need of professional equipment to diagnose, treat and monitor patients. Testing demands additional capacities in the short term.
Let's consider the example of micropipetier cartridges and plates that may carry saliva samples and reagents to detect the COVID-19 virus. Due to the safety of patients and lab staff, each product must be traceable by a unique serial number. Our partners from CAB have the proper decision in this - SQUIX label printer with S3200 applicator to attach printed labels to microtitre plates in the same operation. A Plexiglas housing provided on the applicator protects the operator from injury.
On the S3200 applicator, a rotary and a stroke cylinder combine to attach labels to the plastic parts. If applications are sensitive to touch, the tamping force can be reduced or labels be blown on products without contact. The SQUIX printers can act also in stand-alone operation as a full-fledged PC. Assigned serial numbers are read from a database by Database Connector and a barcode is printed on each label. The printer on its peel-off plate transfers the labels to the applicator, which then attaches them to the microtitre plates automatically. This way of processing prevents from samples being mixed up.

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