stretch wrapping machines on promotion

Promotional conditions

Do you want to save time and money? Then replace the manual stretch wrapping with machine one. Manual packaging is low efficient and time consuming. Work optimization is possible thanks to the automated wrapping by means of stretch machines that reduce labour cost and provide an immediate return on your investment.
We can offer cost effective wrapping solution tailored to your individual needs to ensure your packaging run quickly and efficiently. Our stretch machines are used in a variety of industries.
Our company is official representative of FROMM Switzerland. FROMM stretch wrappers are extremely easy to operate and can be used in every situation. The use of carefully selected components keeps maintenance to a minimum. Getting the right stretch wrap machine for your operation is critical to guarantee proper load control, packaging throughput and stretch film consumption rates.
Until November 13, 2020, you have the opportunity to take advantage of promotional conditions for our latest models stretch wrapping machines - semi-automatic and automatic orbital series FV300 and FV 350, as well as robotic series FR3xx.
When it comes to horizontal wrapping, we offer semi-automatic and automatic stretch machines with a wide range of ring diameters. The FV300 and FV 350 series orbital machines are the latest addition to our product list. They are widely used to stretch wrap long products such as pipes, tubes, rods, flooring, profiles, boards and etc. The programs are quite easy to operate and extremely flexible. These technologically advanced and versatile machines, produced in the EU, offer a highly comparable price/performance ratio. They have double film reel system. The diameters of the ring can be: 50/90/125/160/200/250 cm depending on the size of the product.
The semi-automatic mobile robot series FR3xx is particularly suitable for customers who need to wrap a wide range of large pallets or for situations where stretch wrapping takes place in various locations. With the TRAXION battery fully charged, it can be wrapped up to 220 Euro pallets.
We provide a two-year warranty for each of the models in accordance with the standard conditions of FROMM. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the right model for your needs.