the new stretch wrapping machine by Fromm

The indispensable assistant in packaging

Today's intensively developing industry places diverse and high demands on packaging in its role as an unchanging element of it. When it comes to stretch wrapping, the investment in automated palletizing solutions is fully justified and even mandatory, as it saves time, increases productivity and frees up human resources.
True to our motto "Efffective Together", we at Betelgeus focus on providing our customers with the most innovative and effective solutions that satisfy even the most stringent packaging needs. In this regard, we present to you the latest among the popular in practice turntable machines FROMM FS380 FlexRm. Based on FS380 technology, the FlexRm is not only recognised for its low build of 1.480 mm (58”) in zero position but, also by its attractive purchase price. It offers multiple turntables, film carriages, control panels and an extensive package of options. The articulated arm makes it possible to wrap pallet loads from almost zero to a maximum height of 2,400 mm. This construction makes the machine a compact whole. Due to the lack of a fixed mast, the transport packaging is "economically small" and moving within a company, with a forklift, is safe and easy. The use of widely available branded parts, including electronics and motors, optimizes op- erational reliability and reduces maintenance requirements to a minimum. The highest possible personal safety and ease of use are inherent in its design.

What is in it for you as the owner of a FlexRmTM?

  • Economic all-rounder for fast and energy efficient working
  • Compact - low freight costs and easy to move.
  • Easy installation - plug and play–no special installation required
  • Requires virtually no maintenance
  • The FlexRM is suitable for low ceiling environments
  • Excellent human interface and easy to operate for multiple operators
  • Extensive choice of options and modular design makes this machine easily adaptable.

If you want to learn more about technical details and machine options of the FlexRm, don’t hesitate to contact us.