The Cab SQUIX barcode label printer combines innovation, ease of use, accuracy, reliability, quality and speed into one label printer. A wide range of peripherals and software enable specific customized solutions. The Cab SQUIX series is comprised of three different versions and three different sizes.

This is an industrial printer that prints in black and white through thermal transfer technology.

You might see it in an automotive parts factory labelling brake pads or tyres. Automotive parts labels must be tough enough to stand up to the harsh environments they function in — and should look good, too. The labels also must be durable to work well for identification, dating and usage purposes.

It is well-suited for print on textile. It’s really good fit for the healthcare market if you have to put small labels like those that go on the tubes.

A great feature on this printer is it has an interactive screen, similar to an iPhone that provides video instructions for how to stock your printer, clean your print head, and print labels. Another benefit of the Cab SQUIX printer is that there is an adapter where you can add a cutter piece, or a peel, both of which provide time savings.

Cab Squix, have the option to upgrade to a printer-applicator, improved efficiencies and fast ROI can be realized for organizations that print high volumes.

Add an Applicator to your Squix Barcode Label Printer and Start Labelling in Real-Time!


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