Solutions for marking and coding, labelling and packaging in pharmaceutical industry
pharma industry solutions

Effective coding, labeling and packaging solutions

The pharmaceutical industry operates in a highly regulated environment, requiring many specific requirements. On one side is the health of consumers and therefore the important characteristics of labels and packaging are related to providing accurate and clearly visible information about the pharmaceutical name, ingredients, origin, method of storage, expiry date, etc. But just this type of identification is not enough. The industry requires traceability and integrity to be guaranteed all along the supply chain. Pharmaceutical and medical packaging, perhaps more than any other industry, necessitates the highest quality labeling. However, marking solutions must also improve productivity and seamlessly integrate into today's complex production lines. In addition to strict legal requirements for security, traceability and identification, printers and / or labeling systems must meet high standards of product hygiene and safety.
Marking pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical packaging is affected by many factors:

  • Batch data, lot sizes, and information system integration
  • Traceability requirements
  • Line speeds
  • Package and label material
  • Character sizes and fonts

We at Betelgeus know that fast market access and cost optimization are critical for pharmaceutical companies. Coding and marking in the pharmaceutical industry is not an option; it's mandatory. The right solution helps to protect brands, manage the supply chain, aid quick product recalls and deliver an overall better experience to the consumer. We offer coding and labelling solutions that are easily integrated into existing production lines to ensure consistent, quality printing for serialisation, track and trace initiatives and anti-counterfeiting to comply with falsified medicines directives. Our product portfolio includes:

  • Linx Continuous Ink Jet printers (CIJ) - built based on an industrial printing design that keeps ink waste at a minimum. This ensures cost-effective printing and coding for sensitive pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our Linx coders can meet your requirements for high line-speed environments, very small code printing, food grade inks for ingestible products, and cost-effective manufacturing.
  • Linx Laser Coders - offering permanent, micro-printing capabilities ideal for anti-counterfeiting, or for coding directly onto capsules with codes as small as 0.8mm.
  • Linx Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Printers - working with single use ink cartridges, maintenance-free and provide a perfect solution for coding the primary and secondary packaging in the pharmacy
  • Linx Thermal Transfer Overprinters - suitable for printing text, graphics and barcodes on film and flexible packaging
  • Labeling solutions - we offer label printers, dispensers and print and apply systems, industrial labeling machines
  • And our range of specialized inks allows safe and effective coding of pharmaceutical products, including food grade inks for ingestible products, or UV readable inks for anti-counterfeiting and discreet codes

For the end-of-line packaging process, we provide automated solutions for packaging, palletizing and securing of goods for transportation, which will add value to your supply chain.
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