Quite diverse, the construction sector encompasses a range of materials like timber, ceramic, plastic, steel, etc.

With varied raw materials and large demands, from the smallest to the largest projects, the construction needs supplies with high quality of the materials purchased. Whether it be a ceramic tile, PVC plumbing, thermal insulation, a wooden beam or structural steels. There is an increasing demand for traceability of batches and raw materials.

In a globalized world where products of diverse origins and qualities appear, it is very common in this industry to use marking as a marketing resource. Highlighting the brand and giving a guarantee to the consumer of the origin of the product.

From the process of obtaining the raw material until its transformation into product and distribution to the construction market, it goes through several stages, which are increasingly controlled, to guarantee the desired quality, and the correct product, to the destination Last.

We at Betelgeus have excellent solutions for printing and identification of materials with a wide catalogue of printers for coding in the most diverse substrates. Some examples of technologies used are: Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ), Thermo Transfer Printers (TTO), Piezo Printers for Marking of Wood Panels or EPS, Laser Coders for Indelible Printing, etc.

More information about the technologies and models here.