Cold, wet environments characterize dairy manufacturing facilities. Fluid milks, butter and cheese can perish quickly and require constant refrigeration from the production line to the delivery truck all the way to the grocery store.

The cleaning of the machinery, which is the frequent washing of the lines with running water is needed because the smallest contamination can be lethal and force the elimination of a whole lot of products.

Milk and Dairy products can be packaged in very different packaging: rigid plastic bottles, glass bottles, cardboard, metal cans, flexible film bags, etc. A variety of packaging substrates and formats make the situation more complicate.

Dairy Manufacturers are often required to code products in an environment where printers must deliver accurate, durable codes at high speeds, on a variety of packaging substrates and formats. Even in this increasingly complex setting,  a particularly efficient marker is needed. The most suitable in these cases are the Linx inkjet markers Series 8900.

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