The variety of products, packaging types, and production environments in the baked goods and confectionery industry create difficult coding challenges.

Industry regulations requiring accurate coding of information on all packaging and the warm temperatures and dusty production environments further complicate your coding process. Whatever you’re baking – from bread and cookies to cakes and cereals – and wherever you need to accurately code information – from bread bags and pouches to cartons and cases –Linx offers you key efficiency, reliability, operational and financial advantages.

With little chance to rework or recode baked products, first-time code accuracy is important; this includes error-free code setup as well as code legibility and durability during end-use. Whatever you produce - from bread and biscuits to cakes, candies and cereals, and regardless of the variety og packaging on to mark - from bread bags and poches to cardboard boxes - Linx offers efficiency, reliability and financial advantages. Linx printers are the most cost-effective choice, easy to use and can provide a solution to meet your specific needs.

Whether you're looking to improve the productivity of your line or need a quality coding solution for the diverse range of packaging types, Linx is your choice.

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