Make an educated choice

Many companies rely on outside companies to print their labels. But is it really the most effective method? A number of factors need to be considered in order to make the right decision.

  1. Dependencyon outside suppliers. The transfer of the task to an outside suppliers can lead to delays in the process - a longer delivery time, delayed deliveries, which in turn will affect the process
  2. The initial investment for buying a label printer is very affordable and the cost of printing is extremely low.
  3. Each company operates in its specific environment and uses different types of materials and labels. The control over materials and label printing process will allow the business to operate more efficiently.

Whether working at a distribution facility, on a factory floor or in an office; you’ve likely used or required a label printer at some point. For many companies label printers work and the quality of the printed output is of high importance.

Now you have the opportunity to get a pack of free supplies (labels, ribbons) when purchasing a cab label printer. The pack of supplies is determined according to the model of the machine selected and your specific needs. The promotion is valid till 16th April, 2020.

Considering the points below, you can now make an educated choice about which label printer is right for you. With a huge variety of label printers available, understanding which one meets the demands of your organisation can be a challenge. There are some questions which must be answered:

Do you prefer thermal transfer or direct thermal printing?

This is determined by the type of material printed. The label printer can operate in thermal transfer mode using thermal transfer ribbon or in thermal direct mode when labels are made of thermal paper and the printhead has direct contact with them.

In what environment the printer will operate?

The printer has to work reliably even in harsh environments (dusty, oily or humid with temperature variations) like warehouses and production sites. The chassis has to withstand shocks and vibrations. These are industrial CAB printers MACH 4S or SQUIX series.

How many labels will be needed at once?

Some label printers are designed to handle a heavy volume of label output, while others are best suited for the small run. When it comes to larger volumes the printing speed matters. Depending on the print volumes, you can choose from the following options:

  • CAB Mach 1/ Mach 2 – basic models for small volume printing
  • CAB EOS series – for low to medium volume printing
  • CAB Mach 4S series – a compact label printer for medium to high print volumes
  • CAB SQUIX series – industrial printer for high volumes

What material will be printed?

We offer label printers capable of printing on a variety of materials like paper, cardboard, textile, plastics.

What resolution to choose?

We offer printers with resolutions 203, 300 and 600 dpi. If you are going to print large labels - for cartons, pallets, barrels, etc. where the information contains large characters and graphics, it is sufficient to use a printer with 203 dpi resolution. For printing small labels where content is printed in small characters or contains 1D or 2D barcodes, you’d better use a 300 dpi printer. A 600 dpi printer is used for precise applications and for extremely small or polyester labels.

One-color or two-color printing?

If two-color printing is needed, we offer CAB Series XC printers that are unparalleled in the industry.

And last but not least is the connectivity offered by the printer.

Our printers offer stand alone mode. Wireless connectivity to the label printer allows a remote control. Thus, you can print labels anywhere, anytime.

Our specialists will help you to choose the right one.