Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Betelgeus company Bulgaria

Happy Holidays!

December is the month when we draw the line and look back at the past year.

Saying goodby to 2021
2021 can be described in two words - challenging and successful.
Both 2020 and 2021 were different and crucial! They required adaptability. Timely decisions had to be made to protect the health of employees, and also to ensure the continuity of business processes. And all this happened in rapidly changing and extreme conditions for which no one was prepared.
But for us the year was also successful. Successful because our customers are satisfied. And successful because we overcame the difficulties together with our employees. And looking back, to the past months, we want to thank you!

Let's talk about customers
We do our best to prove that we are a company that puts customers first. They know they can count on us every day. At present, we believe that we have managed to justify the expectations of those who trusted us in a difficult time, and together we succeeded in walking the path where we learned that even at the end of the darkest tunnel there is always a ray of light. Because together we are more effective. When you need us - we will be there for you! Thank you for choosing us!

Our partners
You can't achieve anything in business if you don't have strong partners on your side. Fortunately, ours are amazing. We work with world-renowned manufacturers in the field of marking, labeling and tracing products, packaging equipment, machine vision and weighing systems.

And to our invaluable team
Thank you for your dedication, hard work and patience! Thank you for letting us in, and with many of you we have experienced both good and evil: the loss of a loved one or the birth of a new life. All this means a LOT for us! But this year is over anyway, and this is a reason to celebrate - even if the toasts are virtual!

The year we are celebrating
We hope it will be better. We believe that in 2022 we will strengthen our position in the field we work and we will be more successful due to the hard work over the years.
The holidays are approaching. We would like to send you our wishes for a peaceful and generous Christmas, for a successful and fruitful New Year.