For secondary packaging, large character, and bar code applications, Betelgeus company supplies state-of-the-art high-resolution printers from ALE that can handle the most challenging coding requirements.

They are suitable for marking of various surfaces - paper, cardboard, wood, EPS, building materials, plastics, textiles, metal, glass etc.

The ALE high definition marking system represents an extremely avant-garde solution, since with this technology it is possible to print in monochrome, two-colour or four-color at a height that starts from 18 mm and reaches a maximum of 576 mm. These features make it possible to use this product in different areas and meet different needs. Monochrome is in fact ideal for printing Barcode, QR code, logos or simple information codes. The same thing does not apply, for example, to the chemical sector, where by law it is necessary to report danger signals in double colour: red triangle and black content! We will then move to the four-color process when the message to be printed will be a high-definition image to which we want to give a better aesthetic or a greater visual impact.

 A further peculiarity of this marking system is that it is suitable for both porous and non-porous surfaces. The only difference the user must take into consideration is the type of ink used: oil base on the first, water base on the second.

The ALE® Nano Series features side printing capabilities for text, images, logos, dates, times, and barcodes on both porous and non-porous materials.

For applications requiring a compact printer, the ALE® TC Series is ideal. Available in three models, the TC Series is for side printing on both porous and non-porous materials. The ALE® TC printer offers easy installation and low maintenance as well as a robust design to handle harsh industrial environments.

The TZ Series from ALE enables omnidirectional printing on all substrates, depending on the type of ink. This printer is durable and requires little maintenance.

To print cartons in CMYK colour, the clear choice is the high-resolution ALE Coral Series printer for 72mm to 144mm print height or CMY colour printer the ALE CALYPSO is the perfect choice for 144mm print height. These high-resolution ALE printers have contactless Piezo CMY/CMYK technology for side printing of characters up to 144 mm high. Images are easily created through Codex Design software and a print image can be changed on the fly. When combined with a Master HD Series controller, the Coral and Calypso Series prints images and logos on cartons in full colour for stand-out packaging.

From compact models to customizable designs, high resolution ALE printers offer the highest in quality, efficiency, and value.

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