FCS certificate for paper labels

Find out a wide range of labels with FSC Certificate

Betelgeus ltd. is one of the largest suppliers of labels in Bulgaria. To meet the higher requirements and standards in the field of labeling, our company has in stock and supplies a wide range of labels for various types of label printers, printer and apply systems, dispensers and other labeling and marking equipment. On 24th October our company obtained FSC Certificate for paper labels after successfully undergone audit. Upon customer request the company can deliver any kind of paper labels with this certificate, which guarantees the use of wood from sustainable sources, helping conserve and protect forests. Some of the biggest retailers, such as Ikea, operate under this standard and the certificate is required by all their suppliers. Customers who choose our labels made from FSC®-certified paper promote the responsible forest management which benefits the well-being of the forests, flora and fauna.

What is FSC certificate?

In the early 1990s, public concern and interest in deforestation became a worldwide problem. People wanted to make sure that the wood products they buy did not contribute to the destruction of forests. In response to the public sentiment in1992 at Rio de Janeiro meeting, it was decided to be created a standard that would give a commonly accepted notion of what a responsible managed forest is.

FSC certification is considered to be a gold standard for responsible forest management. The FSC label on the products ensures that they are not the result of an exploitative but rather a socially and environmentally oriented forestry. Only wood and paper products which production is FSC-certified are allowed to bear the FSC® trademarks. The compliance with this rule is verified by independent experts.

With this certificate Betelgeus becomes a part of the global sustainable business.

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