interview with the manager of Betelgeus about labels

Interview with the manager Mr. Georgi Hristov

Betelgeus Ltd. is an established supplier of labels and labeling equipment. The company has in stock and supplies a wide range of labels for various types of printers, printer applicators, dispensers and other labeling and marking equipment. It is a partner of hundreds of companies in Bulgaria and abroad, including Mondelez Bulgaria, Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, Nestle Bulgaria, Sopharma and many others. To understand why it is important for each product to have a label according to a certain standard and how the products acquire identity through the labels, see the interview with Mr. Georgi Hristov, manager of Betelgeus to the specialized media инженер.bg.

Инженер.bg: Mr. Georgi Hristov, one of the main areas in which Betelgeus works is labeling. How long have you been involved in this activity?
Mr. Hristov: For 27 years we have been meeting the high requirements and standards of our customers in the field of labeling. We are an official representative and service center of the German manufacturer CAB for Bulgaria. We offer a full range of labeling equipment, including label printers, print & apply systems, label dispensers, industrial labeling machines and systems. We also have a wide range of consumables - different types of labels and ribbons for the perfect imprint.

Инженер.bg: Do labels add identity to products? And how?
Mr. Hristov: The "world of labels" is growing in every way and in every direction. The whole global manufacturing, supply and usage chain today relies on labels of many different kinds and types for conveying information related to movement, traceability, product safety and health information, size or weight, contents information, ingredients, safety usage, instructions for use, and manufacturer. This information is required by all countries under consumer, sector, product or environmental legislation. It is also essential in helping to control and protect against fraud and counterfeiting. All this forms the identity not only of the product but also of the brand.

Инженер.bg: If we talk about efficiency, tell us which would be more effective - to print your own labels or to outsource the activity?
Mr. Hristov: This question cannot be answered unequivocally. Several factors need to be considered in order to make the right decision. Everything is very individual and must be considered in advance - for example, the number of labels we need, as well as the variety products for which they will be printed. With a small volume of labels it will be more appropriate to outsource the activity, as well as with larger volumes and identical labels. On the other hand, the initial investment to buy a label printer is very affordable and with larger volumes and a greater variety of label types this is a better option. The dependence on an external organization should not be neglected either. When relying on outsourcing, there is no full control over the process, which in turn will affect the work. Delivery may be delayed or a longer time for execution may be required. Sometimes there are printing errors. We must also pay attention to the type and material of the labels. Each company works in its specific environment and uses different types, sizes and materials of labels. The ability to have complete control over the materials on the label and the printing process will allow the business to operate more efficiently.

Инженер.bg: More and more companies require their partners to use the GS1 logistics label to identify logistic units such as boxes, pallets. How do you meet these needs?
Mr. Hristov: To facilitate companies in preparing logistics labels in compliance with the requirements of retailers, we have developed the B-Label + system - a flexible and extremely easy-to-use web-based solution. The system works with the help of a specially designed web portal for online labeling according to GS1 standards and hardware of the leading German manufacturer of label equipment - CAB. Customers have access to ready-made templates of all retailers. Pallet information is easy to enter without the need for any special knowledge of the requirements of GS1 standards. The label is generated extremely quickly and intuitively.

Инженер.bg: The share of biggest retailers that require their suppliers to work with FSC® certified labels is also growing. Are you able to meet these requirements?
Mr. Hristov: Yes, of course. Our company has been FSC certified for more than a year. Upon customer request the company can deliver any kind of paper labels with this certificate, which guarantees the use of wood from sustainable sources, helping conserve and protect forests.

Инженер.bg: In most cases, the label design is accepted as a means of image and advertising. Do you think that the label sells?
Mr. Hristov: The label design on the product packaging directly reflects on the message and brand identity and at the same time it can improve the visual perception of the product. Good label design not only helps to attract the attention of potential customers, but also, as I said, plays a role in building brand identity, which can lead to a serious increase in product sales. In order to be more useful to our customers, we also offer a label design as an additional service.