The modern manufacturing and warehouse need labelling. Depending on the specifics of the work, the appropriate industrial machine must be selected.Don't hesitate to contact our experts for advice!
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Get a label printer with a pack of free consumables (labels, ribbons)

The modern manufacturing and warehouse need labelling. Depending on the specifics of the work, the appropriate industrial machine must be selected.
True to our new initiative Effective Together, we will try to give you the basic parameters for choosing the right industrial label printer. In addition, we have prepared a special offer: now you have the opportunity to get a pack of free consumables (labels, ribbons) when purchasing a cab label printer. The pack of supplies is determined according to the model of the machine selected and your specific needs. The promotion is valid till 11th June 2021.
And here are the parameters for finding the right industrial label printer:

Printing volume
It refers to the number of labels that need to be printed at a specific workplace or point of production / warehouse. If labeling is focused on one point and relies on fast printing, you should choose a high-speed printer. Industrial cab printers offer print speeds of up to 300 mm / sec. Such are the Mach 4S and SQUIX series.

Label size
The specifics of each production / warehouse need appropriate printer according to the label size. For very small labels are use specific printer models with precise material guidance, such as SQUIX 2 and SQUIX 4M. If you need to print a pallet label, then you need a printer with a larger print area, such as the SQUIX 6. The print resolution is also important if you have small fonts and barcodes.

Label material
The market offers a wide variety of materials. The most widely used are paper labels with a different adhesive layer. In many cases, synthetic labels are used - Polyester (PET) Polypropylene (PP) Polyethilene (PE). The SQUIX 4 and XD4T printers do pretty well in the textile industry for printing care labels on textiles, satin and polyester.

Quick setup and easy navigation
Time is a valuable resource. Cab label printers are easy to use and fast to operate. You do not need any special technical knowledge to configure the printer. They have an LCD display with a touchscreen function. The user interface is similar to a smartphone with direct access to individual menu items. Explanatory videos can be played on the display and assist the user in operating the device. The printers can operate as Stand-alone unit. No PC is required, only power supply is needed. Label layouts can be stored in the printer's memory. When selecting specific layout, all you have to do is to enter the number of labels you want to print.

Effortless Device Management
Cab printers allow you to remotely access and control labelling process. Remote access also gives you immediate insight into the status of your printer’s performance, ensuring greater uptime. The HTTP and FTP server integrated in the printer via standard programs like a web browser or FTP clients allows printer control and configuration, firmware updates and memory card administration. Via email or SNMP, you receive notification about the printer status, warnings and error messages. If you have more than one printer, you can control them across a network simultaneously through cab Network Manager administration program. Applicable for A + and X series, Hermes +, Hermes C, PX, SQUIX and MACH 4S.

Reliability and support
Only industrial printers can take the extreme temperatures and harsh environments of factories and warehouses. Manufacturers offer solutions with reinforced housing, high level of dust and moisture resistance, wide temperature range of operation and storage. The housing has to withstand shocks and vibrations. Such are the industrial cab printers MACH 4S and SQUIX series. Unlike most printers on the market, cab use transparent covers made of impact-resistant plastic, which allows the operator to monitor the consumables.
Equally important are service and support. If you encounter technical issues, you don’t want to deal with them alone. Betelgeus is the official service center of cab Germany. Our team of engineers will provide with the necessary assistance.

Technology constantly evolves — so will your printing needs. Invest in a printer made to adapt and also not to restrict customers in future system expansion or upgrades. This means having the necessary interfaces and adequate firmware that is smart enough to enable quick and easy printers’ integration. The cab software team releases constant updates of the software versions. You do not need to pay an additional price for the interface of your choice. All models come equipped with RS232, USB port, Ethernet, SD memory card slot. With the SQUIX series, even WiFi is standard.
In addition, cab printers provide connectivity to all widely used operating systems - MS Windows, Mac OS, Linux.
It’s wise to also opt for a printer with media handling options (for example, a label peeler or cutter, barcode verification) that can be installed in the field, automatic applying, etc.).

Security and protection
The rising number of connected devices brings a rising number of entry points into your infrastructure. The protection of personal data is becoming a key issue. Cab label printing systems provide all common data protection protocols on the network. The printer settings menu can also be locked.

And last but not least is choosing a brand that you can trust. Cab Germany is the largest European manufacturer of barcode labeling systems, thermodirect and thermotransfer printers, print and apply systems. The reliability of a well-known brand may end up costing you less in the long run.

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