Услуга за отдалечено управление

Free Linx Printernet service for 1 year

Coronavirus is undoubtedly having a serious negative impact on Bulgarian businesses. The declared state of emergency and the subsequent austerity measures have greatly changed the economic life in the country.

It is essential for companies to continue to work in order to avoid closure of the Bulgarian economy and cessation of normal economic life. Otherwise the financial and economic damages will be irreversible. The economy is a flexible system of relations adaptable to adverse external factors. It is important how quickly businesses will recover their productivity and capacity. And if some companies can easily afford the so-called home office, it is more difficult for the manufacturing companies. However, what will happen if a production line stops? This will lead to broken relationships in every aspect.

We at Betelgeus and our partners from LINX UK, as a long-standing and trusted business partner, do our best to be helpful and responsible in these challenging times of COVID-19. Health and safety of our employees and clients have always been our priority.

In this regard, we have decided to provide a free use of the PrinterNet remote control service for a period of 1 year with each purchased Linx 8900 printer. Customers who have already had printers can take advantage of a special promotional price for this service. Linx PrinterNet allows you to remotely connect and manage the current status of your printers from anywhere, anytime. This will facilitate to work from home. Find out more about Linx Printernet. Find out more about CIJ printer Linx 8900.

Stay healthy! We believe that we can go through it together.