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Promotional prices for Linx 8900 CIJ printers

The Linx 8900 incorporates features that speed up day-to-day operation and maintenance, while ensuring continual performance and minimal downtime. In addition, the printer offers greater versatility, thanks to the introduction of a range of special reporting functions that improve productivity. A reliable printer that produces consistently accurate and legible codes, and which also offers longer service intervals and low-cost maintenance, will help businesses operate to maximum efficiency while keeping overall running costs low. The wide variety of coding equipment available means that a solution can be found for every application. Code content and line speeds will be important considerations in selecting an appropriate model, as will the types of packaging material used. Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers can print onto almost any substrate and are available with many different coloured inks, ideal for complementing the overall pack design as well as providing code legibility on contrasting colours.  Thankfully, with their picture-based displays and smartphone-inspired screens, Linx coders are so intuitive to use that human mistakes are now far less common.

Now you can take advantage of promotional prices for Linx 8900 CIJ printers. The promotion is valid for limited quantity in stock.

Why to choose Linx 8900?

Minimize operating expenses and maximize production uptime

  • Self-maintenance in around 30 minutes, with up to 18 months between services
  • Quick-change fluid cartridges, which cause minimal disruption to the line
  • Sealed printhead for the harshest factory conditions and only needs to be cleaned every three months.
  • The proven autoflush system thoroughly cleans the printhead every time the printer is shut down, and this ensures a fast and clean startup when required.
  • Seasonal shutdown mode – printer is ready to print first time, even after extended shutdown, with no need for expensive printer flushing
  • Automatic fluid checking and long eight hour fluid refill warnings – less unplanned downtime and less printer monitoring
  • Printernet service, which enables the company’s operators to monitor and remotely control the printer via their smartphones or laptops

 Simple operation for error-free coding

  • Simple user interface allowing quick message setup and intuitive daily operation
  • Simple large smartphone-inspired screen, which makes operation faster than ever
  • Customisable top screen, on-screen message prompts for faster, accurate code setup
  • Simple message creation and editing with drag-and-drop field positioning, zoom function and insert mode for long messages
  • multiple line settings for fast and easy setup in different coding locations,
  • Pre-programmed and customizable date and time formats

Improve the production line efficiencies

  • Accurate, real-time output measurement on screen
  • On-screen production rates with output and line stoppage logs
  • Customisable logs provide precise reasons for any production line holdups – identify efficiency improvements on your line
  • The printer can be moved around depending on where it is needed